Fall and Change

In all the days of the year the days of fall are my love language. I grow in the fall. Meaning, fall is always the time when I reflect, change, take action, and make plans. Plans to change. Plans to improve. Plans to become a better version of myself.
fall A

A new school year. A new me. New shoes. Crisp white loose-leaf paper. A new lunch pail. A new schedule. New teachers. New grade. New books to read and comcepts to learn.
Fall School

At the same time things die all around me. Leaves turn and fall. The lawn goes brown and crunchy. The last of the season fruit falls from the trees to rot on the orchard ground. The spiders spin their webs from window to eave to door frame. Night comes sooner and there is a chill in the air. This contrast between new and old. Rebirth and death.
Fall C

We know that this cycle, this tension between rebirth and death is ongoing. We all struggle to make sense of it, but every fall it feels as if it is in our grasp.


Patty Riding Boot

Dreaming of a bootie. . .

I love all my boots. I am a complete sucker for a high boot. My slim Boden Suede heeled boots. My grey weathered and lovely Melissa Fryes in grey. My black Ralph Lauren Riding boot. My Ariat Cognac cowboy boots. I love them all. But my 27 year old keeps telling me I need to get an ankle boot. Hmm… How to find just the right one for all. I did a little look-see and here is what I found.

This is a lovely boot. The golden color is a perfect statement that fall has arrived. The heel is a little high which adds the sexiness we all want, but being a tacked heel there is some substance as well to keep us from falling flat on our derriere…
Patty Riding Boot

Frye Patty Ankle Boot

This is a beautiful boot and high style boot at an incredibly reasonable price! It hearkens to the more expensive and luxurious Rag & Bone version, but at a third the price it looks like a keeper.
LL Bean ANkle Boot

LL Bean Ankle Boot

These look like the perfect work boot. They have sleek lines, are a tad conservative, and the grey is an understated accent or neutral.
Ecco Pretoria Ankle Boot
ECCO Pretoria Boot

Here is the perfect suede ankle boot for those of us who struggle with the whole high heeled thing. And, the color is called golden spinach. Yeah, hip and sensible all in one perfect little bootie.
Madewell BIllie Boot

Madewell Billie Boot

A classic look. In suede. The color is dreamy and very fall-worthy.
J.Crew Aggie Boot

J.Crew Aggie Ankle Boot

So ladies, which pair will you be coveting this fall? I know I want them all!


Changing light . . .

You wake up one day just like all the others. It happens in late July or early August. Sometimes as late as the end of August. You pause. You turn and there it is. The light has shifted. The light has changed. Fall is here.

fall 1
Crisp. Cool. Yet softened by the breeze of what is to come.

fall 2
Orange. Gold. Russet. Oxblood. Raw Umber.

fall 3
It moves us to sip more slowly. No more glugging to quench our parched throats. Now we sip and savor, for the passing of time is here. The evidence is all around us.


The quietness. The softness in the breeze. The reflection on what has passed and what is to come. The interlude before we hunker down for winter. The rest between holiday and holidays.

Fall. It is when our own mortality is most visible. We see clearly through the sharpness of the light how much we have gained and how much we have lost. Another season. Another opportunity missed. Another moment slighted or sold too cheaply. Reflections in the water allow us to see more deeply. The falling leaves hearken to what is to come.

For the Girls…

For all the girls out there who struggle with the weight of the women that came before them.
For all the girls who struggle with ignoring calorie counts and just being.
For all the girls who love themselves but hate their belly pooch.
For all the girls who wish they could just lose that last ten pounds and then everything would be okay.
For all the girls who are learning about their own body image through their mothers’ attitudes about themselves.
For all of us . . .

I am…

I got this from Blue Bird Baby who got it from Che and Fidel
I am…

making : plans to start the Whole30 on Monday with my honey

cooking : all my favorites including oven fries! Yum!

drinking : Coffee and red wine, what else?

reading : The Bartender’s Tale by Ivan Doig

wanting : to go to Paris with my honey,

looking : for a pair of jeans that fit properly. I know, give up now…

playing : with the dog

wasting : too much time with fretful worries

sowing : seeds in my fall and winter garden. Lots of yumminess to come!

wishing : for peaceful solutions, in all things

enjoying : the changing of the season. Fall is my favourite…

waiting : for my honey to come home from work and kiss me

liking : The time I have to write and explore

wondering : whether I will die young or old

loving : my amazing children

hoping : that our application for a foreign exchange student will be approved

marvelling : at the amazing work of Humans of New York

needing : more time in this life

smelling : the roses and lavender still blooming in my garden

wearing : a new J.Crew belt that I love

following : The Rich Life on a Budget

noticing : the change in the light that comes with the change in the season

knowing : love is all we really need

thinking : about the state of public education

bookmarking : this

opening : my heart to new possibility

giggling : at my dog and cat wrestling, every single day.

feeling : peaceful.

Put your money where your mouth is!


Want to look completely cool while supporting a great cause? This is such a great idea for those of us that find it easy to purchase a greaet t-shirt but a bit more challenging to pick and choose what charities to support. Sevenly features a particular charity for one week. That is right, just seven days, hence Sevenly. Duh! Each week new products are produced to support that particular charity. This week it is Mercy Ships, a righteous cause if there ever was one.

You can buy t-shirts,
Sevenly Man T

Sevenly T

or posters.
Sevenly Poster

So, if you want a great t-shirt, check them out. I just ordered that cool sweatshirt above for my 14 year old. She is going to love it, and if she doesn’t, it is mine!

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